Avoid rental nomads

Solid tenants

Don't wait for *maybe* a solid tenant to call in.
Choose the most suitable candidates yourself.

Searching for tenants is time consuming

For rental properties it is similar to jobs:
It's not just the first impression that counts.

References help to find the right rental candidates.

The Solution:
On prop.ID you choose serious & solvent candidates even before the first appointment. No more tenant mass visits!

And the Best: 
We will send you suitable rental candidates for your property. Free of charge.


The best Tenants


On prop.ID you choose the best rental candidates instead of waiting for the right one to finally come forward.

After all, you have invested a lot of money in high-quality equipment. This should also be treated with care.


Avoid Rental Nomads


The nightmare of every landlord: rental nomads who devastate the apartment. Or not paying a single euro of rent. And at some point move on to the next place to stay.

Unfortunately already happened many times.

We cannot reduce this risk to zero for you. But at least we can reduce it considerably. By corresponding references, which you can find on prop.ID. Like e.g. a rent payment confirmation of the previous tenant.


Solvent Tenants


Of course you would like to have tenants who take care of your property.

But just as important is the creditworthiness of the tenant. What use is the nicest and most serious tenant to you, if he can't pay more one day?

That's why it pays off to pay attention to the creditworthiness when choosing a tenant. A tenant self-disclosure and other documents can be very useful for this.

Find solid Tenants

Find solid Tenants

Are you ready?

Free forever   ●    In 3 min to your tenant search profile   ●  No credit card necessary

● Free forever
● In 3 min to your tenant search profile
● No credit card necessary

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