Is that one of the usualmatching platforms?

No, because with prop.ID you can do more: Integrate external ad platforms for maximum reach of your ad. Of course, also look for qualified tenants in the prop.ID tenant pool ...

... and also manage your rental properties and tenants.
prop.ID is more than a tenant matching platform!


Immo mit prop.ID vermarkten

Save work - advertise more efficiently

Create a property-exposé on prop.ID one-time.
Publish on many listing portals with one click. 

Optionally, you will receive an individual email for each property on prop.ID for the placement of an advertisement.

Then all inquiries end up centrally in the inquiry manager.

More ad platforms will be added.


1-Click Enquiry-Manager

With our enquiry manager you can process all enquiries with one click:

  • Put on the short list
  • Prioritize top-candidates
  • Request more information
  • Archiving / automatic rejection


Full overview. Better preselection.
Less appointments necessary!

Integrated credit report

Is it really the person named? Can your preferred tenant-candidate afford the rent? Our integrated checks:

FINcredible MietCheck

FINcredible MietCheck

Get the tenant´s identity confirmed. Is your desired rental burden rate being met? (for rental candidates from Germany and Austria.)

KSV1870 InfoPass for tenants

KSV1870 InfoPass for tenants

Or request the "KSV1870 InfoPass for tenants" regarding financial reliability (for rental candidates from Austria).

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  1. Set the "allowed" viewing days and times
  2. Set the maximum number of appointments per viewing slot
  3. Interested parties registered on prop.ID book automatically

Prospective tenants fill your viewing calendar by themselves.

Registered prospective tenants

On prop.ID you will find interested parties who are actively looking for an apartment. Save advertising costs, rent out much faster. Avoid vacancies by offering your property to selected prospects in advance and exclusively.


Create an unlimited number of rental properties

Avoid paperwork and record all property data and equipment features digitally.

Everything clearly arranged and in one place.

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Provide tenant data online

 Tenant contact info, bank details; What was handed over?

 Rent amount & period, operating costs, deposited deposit

Digitally file rental agreement, handover protocol

Available around the clock and from anywhere

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Share information with tenants

Transparency and clarity from moving in to moving out

Tenant-relevant information

Information on rent, deposit, lease term, equipment, etc.

Message log

Confirm verbal agreements, report damage

Reminder function

One-time or recurring reminders for you or for the tenants


Upload operating instructions or picture descriptions.


Archive tenant information

You can download all relevant data of your ex-tenants at any time:

Tenant master data sheet
 Rental contract
 Handover protocol
 Message log

prop.ID - better real estate-service

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