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On prop.ID you also receive rental offers directly from our network of private landlords. Or you can search by yourself.

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Offers for rental apartments from the hidden rental market

Save costs

The new apartment has been found and the lease signed. The notice period for the old lease is 3 months. You pay double rent for 3 months...

Using a rental request on prop.ID, created according to you needs & requirements, you can find a new apartment early on. Also landlords want to plan ahead on the long term.

Save yourself double rental cost during the cancellation period.

Matching with rental apartments by using structured rental requests

Your rental request =
Your reference

Create 1x rental request - send to any number of landlords!

You decide how much information you provide in your rental request or how much is released for landlords.

Optional: Your personal prop.ID with your own URL - e.g. (example)

Your reference when applying for a flat:

Joint rental budget

For shared flats, couples or families: On prop.ID you can specify a common rental budget.

Connect partners or flatmates with your rental request. Your monthly rental budget is added up for real estate matching. Roommates are shown on your rental request.

Landlords get a clear picture - you increase your chances!

Joint rental budgets

Why search for an apartment on a landlord platform?

Quite simply: Because this is a platform where landlords manage their rental apartments. So why not search “at the source” right away!

You will also find very good additional services on prop.ID, which will also help you if your landlord or property manager is not available.


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