• find qualified tenants more easily
  • offer better service for existing tenants
  • have less effort and costs

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  • Offers from the "hidden rental market"
  • Directly from private. And from brokers
  • Your rental request - Your reference

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prop.ID - automation for landlords


So you rent out?

Find qualified tenants. Without big costs.

You have the choice: hire an estate agent or find tenants yourself:

The structured tenant matching on prop.ID saves you a lot of work. And costs!

All rental requests at a glance. Identify top tenants:     

Rental Offers

Landlords invite you to viewings without having placed an advertisement before = hidden rental market. 

Of course you can also search for rental offers on prop.ID yourself.

1) Create a rental request 2) Lean back 3) Receive great rental offers:

Be a smart tenant - create a rental request - get found

24/7-Service for your Tenants

Automate requests from your tenants. Save yourself effort.

prop.ID - the perfect addition to your property management service!

Massively less time required

With prop.ID you save yourself up to 85% of the effort you would have to spend on some activities in finding and managing tenants!

prop.ID - the modern landlord portal

Are you ready?

Free of charge, no obligations    ●    Ready in 3 min    ●    100% property-service