Mieter-Onboarding und Wohnungsübergabeprotokoll - leichter vermieten!

With OnBoard!
easier to rent

The landlord package as the perfect complement to your real estate service.

  • 14 days free trial

  • No obligations

Less manual effort

Tenant data acquisition, drafting of contracts, handover of the apartment
Assistance in selecting tenants

Easier with OnBoard! Long-term benefits for you & your customers.

Interessenten Management

Prospect Management

Sort & organize all prospective tenant enquiries.

Send automated rejections.

Record the data of the selected tenants automatically.

Lease Configurator

You or your landlords provide the basic data, tenants add their data - the draft contract is ready.

Create contract templates once - never have to fill out forms again. You just select the appropriate form for the object (MRG, ABGB...), the rest happens almost automatically!


For real estate agents, property managers...

= for real estate companies and their customers

Wohnungsübergabe und Wohnungsrückgabe
Clear conditions

Apartment Handover & Return

It's good if you already have a digital handover protocol. Even better if you can automatically compare this years later with the return protocol without much effort.

Handover protocols, already filled in based on the object data. Less effort. Optimized for your mobile. No app needed!

Message Board

Made a verbal agreement with a tenant on site today?

Add-on for your landlords: You or your landlords can leave notes on the tenants' personal message board.

Schwarzes Brett für Mieter, Vermieter, Makler und Hausverwaltungen
Interessenten Management

Reminder Functionality

Additional service for your landlords: Remind tenants of important appointments. Landlords send themselves important reminders (e.g. lease extension due in 2 months")

Reminders can be created once or recurring.

Document Archive

Handover protocols, deposit confirmations, rental agreement - your landlords and tenants have full access to important documents. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Reduce the effort for queries. Offer your landlords and tenants a contemporary and professional service!

Dokumentenarchiv inklusive

Transparent and simple Pricing

Get started with 14-day free trial.
Receive a non-binding individual offer:
(Only for corporate customers. Company email & company UID required for legitimation)

Full Service
Less than one euro /month! *
Monthly fee /unit
All handovers included
Focus handover
Less than one euro /month! *
Monthly fee /unit
Event-flat rate
/ handover

*) Billing takes place in the form of a monthly flat rate or an event flat rate per apartment handover or apartment return.

All features included



Tenant-Self-Onboarding included

Create contract templates once
Have it filled out by yourself 

Digital handover protocol
no need to fill out

Digital return protocol
compare easy with the transfer protocol

A message board for each apartment
no more verbal tenant agreements

Reminder function for landlords and tenants
Unique and recurring reminders

24/7 document archive
For tenants and landlords

1 GB archive storage included
Additional 1 GB storage: € 5

All above prices exclusive of sales tax, based on your billing address.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I use OnBoard?

I am a landlord - how can I use OnBoard?

Only real estate companies can activate OnBoard. Inform your real estate agent or property management: Send now an email to your agent or property management.

Can I sync the data with my own software?

Sure. Our platform is based on the latest IT technology. We are happy to connect our platform to your software (ERP).

Do I need to install an iPhone or Android app?

No. Neither you nor your customers need to install an app. Onboard! works independently of iPhone or Android apps. Of course also on your mobile phone.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored within the EU - strictly speaking, on redundant servers from well-known and proven German hosting companies (Hetzner and All-Inkl).


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