vDecision: Hybrid Owners Meetings

Finally - a video conferencing service tailored for property managers

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vDecision - hybrid home owners meetings
Hybrid Home Owners Meetings with vDecsion

Zoom & Co - Good For General Conferences

But not for owners meetings - compare

With vDecision you get a custom tailored tool to handle home owners meetings completely digitally:

vDecision covers all options

Digital. On Site.

+ All owners via Internet
+ All owners on site 

+ Some owners vie Internet - others on site

Decisions are made via cell phone, tablet, or computer.

bis zu 76% Zeitersparnis mit vBeschluss
Up to 76%

time saving!

The solution from A to Z

Prepare the agenda... invite by email or print out for postal service... owners' meetings with or without video conference... create and send minutes... circular decisions... surveys... archive...

A one-stop solution!

bis zu 76% Zeitersparnis mit vBeschluss

All Decision-Types

vDecision is more than a video conferencing service::

Carry out decisions digitally during the owners’ meeting (ETV). Results automated!

Not enough participants? During the ETV, convert the question to a circular decision or survey.

All Decision-Types supported
bis zu 97% weniger Aufwand für Umlaufbeschlüsse
Up to 97%

less effort!

Circular Decisions: Minimal Effort

Circular decision including manual return and evaluation:
10-12 hours total effort.

Effort with vDecision and automated evaluation:
A few minutes.

bis zu 97% weniger Aufwand für Umlaufbeschlüsse

Attendance list

Lists create themselves:

  1. Identification via email and password
  2. Digital signature at owners’ meeting (ETV)
  3. Participants list automatically in the minutes
AUTOMATED Attendee Sign-In

Organize your proxy yourself

With prop.ID, owners organize themselves independently and conveniently select a representative for the upcoming ETV:

  • + Owner partner
  • + Other owner
  • + Property management
  • + External person
Organize your own proxy

Transparent And Simple Pricing

Start with a 14 days free trial.
Receive a non-binding individual offer:
(For corporate customers only. Company eMail & company UID required for legitimation)

Full service
for less than an Euro! *
Monthly flat rate / unit
Event flat rate
/ meeting

*) Billing takes place in the form of a monthly basic flat rate for the serviced units, plus an event-based flat rate per owner meeting.

All Features included



Video Conferencing System
No Software Installation needed

Unlimited Attendees
Unlimited Meeting Duration

Automatically count Attendees & Decision Results
Agenda, Decisions, Protocols, Proxies

Secure Owner Area, branded with your logo
Document Archive, Decision Book

1 GB Archive storage included
Additional 1 GB Storage: € 5

Above prices do not include applicable value added taxes based on your billing address.

Learn more about the cost saving potential

Moderator Tools

Well integrated moderator tools for structured meetings included:

+ Request to speak-list
+ Speaking time control
+ All mute; All no video
+ Who is attending
+ Proxy management

And more.

Moderator tools to manage hybrid home owners meetings
Automated counting of votings

No more
manual counting

Get a detailed overview of the decision or opinion poll-results
All automated. No more manual counting necessary anymore.

Documents Archive

Offer your customers state-of-the-art services using a digital document archive.

Owners get secure access that is accessible worldwide and 24/7:

+ Protocols
+ Decision book

Also optionally available in the archive:

+ Rental property details
+ Landlord details
+ Tenant details (coming soon)

To ensure that vDecision does not become a one-way street for your services, we offer the option of importing/exporting data.

Including a documents-archive
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use vDecision?

I am owner - how can I use vDecision?

Only property companies can activate vDecision. Inform your property manager about vDecision, if you would like to use vDecision: Inform your property manager

Do I need to install an iPhone or Android app?

No. We have created our service in this way so that you are independent from any kind of software installation. No app needed to use vDecision on your cell phone.

Is it possible to syncronize all required data and protocolls with our own ERP-software?

Yes. We have designed vDecision in a way, that you can synchronize all data with your own ERP-software. Please name us your ERP-software, and allow us some time for the setup. A one time-fee will be charged for the integration setup. 

Do in need to install any software?

No. Neither you, nor your clients (apartment owners) need to install any software. Also no MS Teams, Zoom, or other video conferencing solution is needed. We have our own tool installled and seamlessly integrated.

What hardware devices are required to use vDecision?

None. vDecision is purely designed as Internet service - usable from everywhere with your Computer, Tablet, or cell phone: Software as a Service (SaaS).

How much does vDecision cost?

vDecision has a simple pricing structure. You can learn about it more on this page in the pricing section.

Save Time & Effort

Increase the service level for your clients and save time and effort at the same time:

Comparison, how much time and effort you can save with vDecision
Secure storage & GDPR compliant

Secure & GDPR

All data will be encrypted automatically and stored GDPR-compliant on European servers and can be synced with your legacy systems optionally.

100 SaaS     SSL     GDPR

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