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Provide your customers with rental candidates.
The complete service for provident flats.

Sustainable success = the best success

You are successful, if you have sold your provident flats.
You will be most successful if you are recommended by your customers.

Secure your long-term business success!

The Solution:
With prop.ID the construction & sale of your provident flats will be perfect. Because with prop.ID you find suitable renting candidates for your buyers in addition. Without much effort!

And the Best:
Get a daily updated overview of possible rental candidates for your provident flats. Free of charge.


Safe Return


What buyers of a provident flat usually think of first: Is the apartment in an attractive location? Do the floor plan, size & ammenities fit? How much and how consistent is the achievable yield?

Important, but often neglected topic: The selection of the right tenants.

Loss of rent or rental nomads can quickly get buyers of credit-financed provident flats into financial difficulties!


The Client is King


Especially for property developers, it makes sense to take care of the selection of a reputable and solvent tenant. The customer is king - isn't that so?

An attractive investment project in combination with optional tenant pre-filtering is the best sales argument for investors and a unique selling proposition compared to your competition.


Minimal effort


For you as a property developer, the effort for a 5-star service is minimal. Create a tenant search profile on prop.ID within minutes.

Alternatively, you can import your projects automatically via one of the well-known XML interfaces (e.g. Open-Immo).

Forward prospective tenants to buyers of your retirement homes or contact us for special packages for your customers!

Find solid tenants

Find solid tenants

Are you ready?

Free forever    ●    In 3 min to your tenant search profile    ●    No credit card necessary

● Free forever 
● In 3 min to your tenant search profile
● No credit card necessary

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